The workshop that gives people a voice.

The Art of Introducing Yourself empowers leaders to meaningfully articulate who they are and why people should care—quickly.


Your employees are more than your workforce; they are your ambassadors.

The way they speak about your brand, product, and themselves can inspire other people to become your enthusiasts, customers, and even future team members.

The Art of Introducing Yourself is an empowering, entertaining, interactive workshop for your team members to learn how to meaningfully articulate who they are and what they stand for as individuals, and as members of your team.

In just 60 minutes, everyone will learn the language of leadership and craft a short introduction that highlights their role and experience at your organization, and why they believe in your mission.


“Jared’s talk always leaves everyone in the audience inspired, energized, and ready to do important things with their lives.  That’s why we bring him into so many of our events.”

Director of Corporate Communications, American Express 


Jared Matthew Weiss believes that self-expression is the key to freedom.

Since 2012, he has told the stories of more than 4,000 executives, artists, activists, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and more through his unique brand of short-form video portraiture.

His videos have been collectively viewed and shared millions of times. He has been featured on The Today Show, Bravo, Tyra, MTV. He’s given talks around storytelling, design, relationship-building, and empathy at Penn, Harvard, TEDx, and for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. 


“After our first experience of Jared’s workshop in NYC, we brought him to our teams in Toronto and South Africa so they could experience the magic of his message.  In just one hour, everyone achieves clarity around their work and mission, and can articulate it beautifully.  It’s incredibly inspiring.”

Project Manager, Ashoka


Trusted by some of the world’s finest corporations, universities, non-profits, startups, and more. 


Bring Jared and The Art of Introducing Yourself to your company or event, today.